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Consulting Engineers North Queensland opened its first office in Innisfail in 1990 as Maddocks Engineers, providing civil and structural design services to a wide variety of clients for a range of projects from residential to heavy industrial.

Specialising in structural and civil design engineering, and geosynthetic engineering. Consulting Engineers North Queensland have built a strong reputation through providing professional engineering services and tailored solutions to clients.


CENQ are a team of dedicated professionals, passionate about applying the expertise to solve your most complex engineering challenges. Whether you’re envisioning a towering skyscraper, a sustainable Eco-city, or a groundbreaking new product, CENQ is here to partner with you every step of the way.

Consulting Engineers North Queensland HAVE STRONG LOCAL COMMITMENT

Cyclone Larry devastated Innisfail in 2006, Consulting Engineers North Queensland undertook a large amount of disaster engineering through structural assessment, repa…

Why Choose Consulting Engineers in Northern Queensland?

Innovation at Every Turn

At CENQ, we embrace innovation as a driving force. Our Consulting Engineers in Northern Queensland leverage cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to deliver solutions that are

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Latest Projects


 CENQ design bridge work for rail and road systems in steel and prestressed concrete.


CENQ have extensive experience with civil and structural design associated with domestic and light framed construction. We work with design drafters and architects. We design sheds and light steel structures.


CENQ have designed heavy foundations for tower construction and industrial applications. We have the advantage of being local and can inspect works under construction.

Reinforced Concrete

CENQ Delivers The Best Aquaculture Projects

Delivering unparalleled projects that redefine industry standards is one of the specialties of CENQ when it comes to aquaculture innovation. We handle the challenges of aquaculture with a seasoned staff that has experience from concept to implementation, with a focus on sustainability and state-of-the-art solutions. Beyond projects, we are dedicated to creating a future where aquaculture harmoniously combines ecological responsibility with productivity. With everything from tailored system designs to thorough feasibility assessments, our professional engineering services makes sure every project maximizes productivity while reducing its negative environmental effects. Discover aquaculture excellence with CENQ, where knowledge, innovation, and sustainability come together to turn seas into opportunities.

Disaster Engineering At Its Best In CENQ

Other than aquaculture projects, disaster engineering is excellent at its pinnacle with CENQ. Our group is skilled at putting into practice resilient solutions that both withstand & lessen the effects of natural disasters. Our innovative and resilient approaches to catastrophe engineering alter everything from flood control systems to earthquake-resistant constructions. Using a combination of strategic planning and state-of-the-art technology, CENQ's methodology in engineering consultancy guarantees the resilience and safety of vital infrastructure even in the event of disaster. We also proactively construct disaster-resistant infrastructure, community safety nets, and future resilience-building projects. Our consulting engineers offers the best catastrophe engineering experience; each project is a monument to their resilience.